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Welcome to Verendel Publishing

Welcome to the homepage of Verendel Publishing! Producing high-quality chess books
is our specialty. We focus on publishing forgotten treasures by chess legends from the
past and newly written material. Our first book, World Chess Championship 1948 by
Paul Keres, was released in 2016 and received a warm welcome from chess fans around
the world. The Estonian grandmaster was a world championship contender for decades
whose game commentaries are renowned for their depth and clarity. Garry Kasparov
lauded Keres’ tournament book about the first world championship after Alekhine’s
death as one of the three best chess books ever written.

In the summer of 2023, we published the long-awaited translation of Akiba Rubinstein
by Yuri Razuvaev and Valery Murakhveri. Most of the book comprises a heartfelt
biography chapter by Murakhveri and sixty of Rubinstein’s finest games deeply
annotated by Grandmaster Razuvaev. Initially published in Russian, this first English-
language edition contains all the elements from the original book and has been expanded
with additional content. Rubinstein had a remarkably successful career as a top
grandmaster for 25 years, and his games have been praised to this day by coaches and
world champions as models for chess players of all abilities to study and appreciate.

Verendel Publishing has some great books in the pipeline, including two of the best-
considered books from the Russian Black series. This site aims to publish articles,
photos, and information about our authors, giving them the recognition and credibility
they deserve. We aspire to update these pages with new material on an ongoing basis.

For inquiries or just wanting to have a chat, feel free to contact me at